There are nearly three months since he took the heavy responsibility to put 63 items of Bupe the street without a trial (without notice or right) and for reasons such as laziness, repeated absences. All things that the victims dispute.

After several unsuccessful attempts with certain administrative, political and religious country, the elements unfairly dismissed from Bupe decided to enter the regional labor, employment and vocational training in the Bamako district, so that it takes place after the mayor of the district for an amicable settlement of disputes.

He estimated that the contracts speak the mayor of the district, plus the fact that they do not fully meet the basic conditions and form of fixed-term contracts were signed by the parties as they had already been recruited from 1 March 2006, ten months ago, by Decision No. 144/Mairie District of Bamako on 27 March 2006.

From this decision, the Labour Regional Director said that, like other elements of Bupe, the 63 victims of a dismissal had acquired the status of holders of permanent contracts covered by Article L 40 Labour Code. Based on the foregoing, the Regional Director of Labour has asked the mayor of the district to reinstate them in their jobs. And failing that, he made two proposals.

Mayor Adama Sangare has the option of agreeing with the applicants of a separation amicably by offering to settle all of their their rights under their contracts on 1 March 2006. It also has the opportunity to engage at the regional labor dismissal proceedings against the 63 elements of Bupe, if the facts alleged against them are verifiable and it seems serious enough to reach such a solution.