If we analyze the logo of Wikileaks and its use in advertising campaigns (note the computer wallpapers downloaded from their website) what can you see.

In both parts of the hourglass shows two identical cards. These maps represent a specific area of the world particularly important in the current geopolitical context: Africa, the Middle East and throughout Eurasia. Why choose representative, has twice? Why ignore the rest of the world?

Another Wikileaks logo represents a stylized eagle blue on white background with the word wikileaks below eagle found on a wallpaper to download. The eagle has always been the symbol of the imperialism of the Roman Empire was now passing through US Napoleon and the fascism of the twentieth century.

Two other downloadable wallpapers are one the Chinese wall, the other Russian dolls on Red Square in Moscow, which release the hourglass logo Wikileaks. The involvement of the images and symbolism are obvious. Are they the enemy?

We now have Assange, if media and mediates when he should not even be known if the secret protocol in a network which wants to escape was to remain effective compliance.

Born into a family of itinerant theater in Australia, he attended no fewer than 37 different schools in his youth. Mother remarried a member of a sect based near Melbourne, she spent much of the youth of the young Julian to flee his second companion, who is the father’s half-brother of Assange. Assange get used very young then to move permanently. It quickly became a computer expert and a hacker. His nom de guerre is mendax which means in Latin liar or forger. Is this foreboding?