I did not see Mr Sarkozy to do the same in Darfur, and I did not see spending millions in Somalia where until now the babies are starving. No, this is not to kill Gaddafi, it is inevitable. But there are many more deaths, and it would be so much more human and glorifying to parachute from the food to parachute bombs. But it does not pay, because there is no oil, nothing to lose and rebuild, and geo ininterressant total strategy..

Grotesque. Saudi Arabia you know? One of the worst dictatorship in the world, in competition with North Korea. And all these African countries could I in some infamous yoke, we let them die?

Total is a nihilistic anarchist industrial groups that exploded chemical plant in the heart of French cities. This has made the social animation, but mostly it makes the French chemical industry as competitive as the Chinese. The technique of total withdrawal estmpille recycling makes everything useless and avoids the tedious and expensive followed by storage location. Through the process of elimination flash implemented systematically by Total, pollution becomes’accidental’, taken in part supported by insurers but also by the state that sends volunteers to clean bare hands places soiled with the lower cutting retraitemenst performs in Bangladesh.